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DISNEY · Floating Emotion · Pitch · 2011

The world of disney unfolds like a waterfall springing from a single source, unfolding the streaming universe of disney. The richness and development of the prestigious brand during several decades obtains a visual metaphor.

The mouse sequence originates from a genius moment. From this starting point develops a powerful stream of movie pictures and scenes that are linked in an intelligent and humorous way. The main characters step outside of their scene for a brief moment and enjoy their freedom.

The strong colorcoding of the movie strip, the typical shutter effect, vertical movie movements known from the celluloid era, the interaction of illustrative elements and the combination of shuffle-movements of modern applications create a powerful gesture and identity that meets the demands of a more and more adolescent audience.

MY ROLE design

CLIENT Disney channel, Germany CREATIVE DIRECTOR Patrick Seelinger DESIGN Christiane Scheibe, Patrick Seelinger, Patrick Paulin AGENCY velvet.design, Germany PRODUCER Georgia Cramer