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ALBAGHDADIA · Announcement Trailer · 2010

Announcement trailer for the Iraqi TV channel Albaghdadia. To prepare the viewers for the upcoming complete change in design I created an announcement trailer (in 4 genre versions) which features the new logo for the first time and announces the start of a new "era".

An Arabic version of Parachute´s PF Square was especially designed for Albaghdadia by Panos Vassiliou to match the needs of a consistent type-face in Latin and Arabic and which also guarantees good readability in small font sizes such as news tickers.



MY ROLE design, animation 2D/3D, supervision of font design

CLIENT albaghdadia channel, Iraq CREATIVE DIRECTOR Martin Kett DESIGN + ANIMATION Christiane Scheibe FONT DESIGN Panos Vassiliou, parachute fonts, Greece PRODUCTION velvet mediendesign PRODUCER Flint Skallen MUSIC Martin Probst

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